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Creating futures with conversations that matter

I have had 2 profound conversations today (and not even official "coaching" conversations!)

I drove my daughter to school, we were late and I wasn't even going to attempt the school car park (risking us being even later) "Daddy - what would Ethan Hunt (we watched Mission Impossible last week....) do?"said Olivia (wisdom of an 8 year old!) I replied: "He'd attempt the car park" and she nodded her head and smiled; and we actually made the car park! My mission was successful and I had a lesson from an 8 year old on Mindset!

I then had a coffee and a conversation with fellow coach and good friend Kim Brosnan. Without baring my soul publicly (not on a Friday afternoon :D) an emotion and energy shifted in me that had literally been stuck for a while and I left the conversation literally looking at my business and myself from a different lens of a actionable possibility. Good for a couple of hours in Café Nero! If our futures are a product of the conversations that we are in (and I believe that they are) then choosing to enter unfiltered, lots of listening type conversations can only lead to more doors opening, insights appearing and futures created! Have a great weekend everyone

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