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How to gain optimum clarity

I had a wonderful conversation with Dan Barker on human, business and leadership development as part of the Thriving Three Counties podcast last month.

Thank you Dan, your Thriving Three Counties podcast series is fabulous and

gives three counties entrepreneurs a voice. Here's what they have to say about me and here's the podcast.

After a 22-year leadership career with Boots UK and Boots Opticians, Alan left in the summer of 2017 to follow his passion and start his own business as a leadership and business coach.

These days, he’s helping leaders and entrepreneurs to create deeper levels of clarity for themselves and their business, intended to fuel optimal actions that create desired outcomes.

He works across different industries with different size businesses and organisations, from CEO’s and senior executives to small business owners, start-up entrepreneurs and leaders within education and the church.

He also co-hosts a fantastic podcast called Mind Your Business, which seems to be building a lot of momentum.

He says that experiencing “different” opens up more learning opportunities which he ultimately uses to develop his work and client experience.

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