From US to the UK

In summer 2017 I left a 22 year leadership career with Boots UK and Boots Opticians to follow my passion and start my own business as a leadership and business coach. Having led Boots Opticians across England, Wales and Ireland I had a good idea for the type of leadership development and coaching that would help leaders, their teams and businesses to thrive.

I trained formally as a personal and business coach with Barefoot Coaching and completed my post graduate training last December.

Around this time I started to read a few books by Steve and I was seriously inspired by the transformational content and Steve's belief that anyone can create what they want to in life independent of current circumstances.

And underpinning all of this were clear insights into how our minds actually work and the choices that we all have in using our minds more powerfully to create the life and business that we really want.

Deep Stuff!

To say I was curious in this empowering coaching philosophy was a huge understatement so I enrolled for the coaching school and along with some of the worlds best leadership, business and life coaches have had the most intense., inspirational and transformational learning experience of my life.

I now want to bring my evolved brand of transformational leadership and business coaching to more business leaders, businesses and organisations locally and nationally as we head into 2019 and beyond.

As always I would be delighted to have a conversation about the type of leadership development, leadership coaching and business coaching that I provide and the successes I have created with my clients.

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