Alan Clark

I am a leader, coach and podcaster who has been on a continual and at times turbulent self development journey during the last 25 years of my life.


And I have an ever increasing desire to help as many leaders as possible to get really clear on what they truly want to create with their life, their business and their legacy.

From clarity, into intentional action and optimal outcomes.


We have a bespoke range of coaching and leadership development services that have already helped Executive leaders, senior leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners to do just that.

An Exponential Philosophy 

At the centre of our work together is a philosophy that leaders can choose to see life and business as a series of independent and interdependent situations, situations that can be accessed and led to create optimal outcomes.​


This philosophy builds a leadership that can be applied within any business and organisational situation and context and thus creates optimal resilience, performance and outcomes for leaders and their business.




Compass Pointing North


The average human being lives for 4000 weeks.

The average leadership season lasts for 520 weeks.

The average life time of a small business is 442 weeks.

How are you choosing to use your time ?


Who is the leader that you are choosing to habitually be ?


What commitments are you making and actually completing ?

Are you really clear on your purpose and vision ?


These are all powerful indicators of the size and quality of the legacy that you are building.

Legacy is a choice. 

And time is limited.